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Efficient Paper Folders & Inserters

Manually collating, folding and stuffing letters, invoices, brochures and other mail pieces can be tedious and time consuming. Folding-inserting equipment automates this process, providing an efficient and cost-effective way to prepare materials for mailing.


  • Feed, fold, insert and seal.
  • Control with user-friendly color touch screens.
  • Combine multiple sheets for insertion into envelopes.
  • Handle various sizes of inserts.
  • Accept stapled sheets (hand feed).

Product Spotlight

Heavy Duty Letter Folders

FPF – D312

Letter Folding Machines

Key Features:

  • Drop-in top-feed system
  • Speed: up to 150/min
  • Folds 11″ and 14″ paper
  • Pre-marked fold settings

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Heavy Duty Letter Folders

FPF – D312

The FD 312 Office Desktop Folder provides an economical solution for low-volume folding projects. Clearly marked fold settings and out-of-the-box operation makes this folder ideal for churches, schools and small offices that demand quick and easy set-up with minimal adjustment.

This compact folder processes 11″ and 14″ paper at speeds up to 150 sheets per minute and can accommodate both standard and custom folds.

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